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Car Accidents on the 282 Freeway in San Diego

San Diego Car Accident Attorney

State Route 282 is an east-westbound state highway in California.  It is a spur from the 75 freeway, and utilizes a one-way couplet layout for its entire length, with Third Street in the westbound direction and Fourth Street in the eastbound direction.  As it is a frequently-traveled freeway, it often has car accidents occur on its route. 

A San Diego car accident attorney is available to represent you if you have been injured in a car accident on the 282 freeway.  They can provide you with experienced legal service that will ensure your rights are looked out for in the aftermath of your accident, as well as fight on your behalf for injury compensation to cover the costs of your medical care and vehicle damage.

Have you been injured in a car accident in San Diego?

If you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by another's negligence, then it is your right to seek restitution from the responsible party.  Freeway accidents can leave you with injuries that are extremely costly, and you should not have to worry about the financial burden of treating them while you are recovering.  Pacific Attorney Group has 35 years of collective experience in fighting for the rights of accident victims.  We pursue every case with the goal of securing an outcome that sees the client compensated in full for their pain and suffering.  Contact us about your 282 freeway car accident, and we will investigate the accident to properly establish fault, and use the information gathered to give you a strong chance of a case resolution that is wholly beneficial to you.

Contact a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer who can provide you with representation if you have been victimized in a car accident on the 282 freeway.

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